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Our total of 36 screens in BTC City Ljubljana, most visited shopping area in the country makes us most viewed digital outdoor media in Slovenia. With combined 5 million + views per month.


The idea behind the iHELP project came about because of the shocking statistics of cardiovascular disease (every 40 seconds a person dies due to sudden cardiac arrest) and because the owner, Andraž Ogorevc, personally had an experience where he had to rescue a life.

During a cardiac arrest each minute is extremely important, so he started thinking how to provide more accessible, and above all faster assistance, which is key to ensuring survival.

Andraž Ogorevc

Who are we?

The Company

At Elantris OÜ integrity is one of the most important values. We do business according to law, good business customs and ethical priciples. We understand corporate integrity is one of the key conditions for a succesful and longterm business. Through our work, we employees, make decisions that affect the business, corporate integrity and company reputation. Code of ethics binds all of the emlpoyees and guides us towards acting right in certain circumstances. Elantris OÜ is an innovative and well recognized company which consistently expresses its mission through its brand iHELP media. We are socially responsible and we encourage values like health and healthy living. Since establishing of the company our basic guidelines were:

  • Short rescue time.
  • Faster assistance to fellow human beings.
  • Focusing on knowledge and awareness that is needed for safe and healthy life.
  • Offering innovative access to advertising in urban areas.

As part of its project iHELP media wants to drastically lower the current heart attack fatality rate, increase awareness of possible ways to help heart attack victims and improve ways of socially responsible communications. We also help lower the rate of air pollution and dangerous particles in the air we breathe, which in the long run cause respiratory diseases.

iHELP media
Our vision

Our Vision

Our plans for the future

We are young and innovative company and we are trying to save lives and improve the health for anyone we can, with our product. This innovative approach to advertising is what will be available for all our partners. As part of trying to become the world's biggest digital advertisers in the world we provide the iHELP media: Safety Point with a Defibrillator (AED) which is free to use 24/7/365. Also, it comes with air filtration system, that filters 24.000 cubic meters of air, that is approximately for 2200 people. It also collects real time environment data, measures traffic density (pedestrians, bikers, motor vehicles) and it offers interactive content (first aid tips and instructions, state of environmental parameters, news, trending events nearby). The display serves as an info point for citizens and tourists. All of it is achieved through our iHELP media brand. We offer our partners the following:

  • Creative solutions
  • Interactive content (touchscreen, NFC, camera, IoT)
  • Two way communication with clients / buyers / users
  • Interactive media usage and observation data
  • Community safety protocols build-up cooperation (setting up AED, air filtering, educating citizens about importance of good air quality and preventing heart diseases)
  • Greater corporate social responsibility
  • Excellent PR and promotion
  • Brand strengthening

The vision of iHELP media is to be now, in this moment, and in the future a modern service for Out-of-Home advertising, as well as helping people in need as soon as possible. Also, cities will need air filtering devices because of the air pollution, and at the moment, our device is one of a kind on the market and superior to others in this aspect.

Our Mission

The Workplace

The only right way to achieve top results is to encourage employees to be innovative and creative by motivating them with a good work environment. That is why we incite our collegues to speak their ideas and, if the ideas are truly good, make them a reality. We always try to find new ways to satisfy our users and partners. We do the tasks dictated to us by our jobs in the best way possible. We strive to finish each and every task given to us as quickly and most effectively as we can.

Our mission
Our strategy

Our Strategy

Be Better

Knowledge, competence, innovation, work habits and ingenuity which we posses allow us to be quick and effective. Our goal is to be first. Not only at providing safety and help to other human beings, but discovering new need on the market. We achieve that through the development process, rapid acquisition of users, harmonized brand and events. With rapid response and ability to adapt we overcome obstacles imposed on us by various market and regulatory requirements. We are able to handle every challenge, no matter the size or location of the project. With flexible solutions we can meet the expectations set by partners and users.

Our Values


Personal relations are one of the highest priorities at iHELP media. They are the basis for a respectful attitude towards our partners, users, advertisers, suppliers and basically everyone on our planet. Only with good human relations is it possible to thrive as a company and combine that with our fundamental mission, which is to help others. The principles and values we follow:

  • Integrity
  • Experience
  • Flexibility
  • Responsibilty
  • Team work
  • Respect

Our values

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