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What is DOOH?

Digital Out-of-Home

Dinamically-served visual medium that reaches consumers on the move, with advertising that is targeted, un-skippable, and always above the fold. The effectiveness of Digital Out-of-Home advertising has become extremely significant to brand marketers, and with the growth of mobile, the consumers are out of home. The rise of the mobile consumer has expanded marketer's abilities to connect with audiences across multiple touchpoints. DOOH is continually exploring new roads of innovation in creativity, delivery and opportunity.
It is an effective reach partner for static out-of-home campaigns as well as for larger media campaigns that integrate television, audio, online, mobile and print.

What is DOOH
iHELP DOOH - effectiveness


Digital Out-of-Home

OOH has traditionally been more challenging to measure than other forms of media because of difficulties in identifying if an OOH ad has been "seen". By tracking user movement, advertisers cen pinpoint the individuals who have seen an ad. Their behaviour can be measured and compared with that of a control group to isolate the impact of DOOH. The measurment is improving with new methodologies for attributing exposure, made possible through mobile device location data. It can be utilized to verify exposure by looking at whether or not a consumer's device was in proximity to a screen at the time the ad ran.

The future

Digital Out-of-Home

The increasing connection of DOOH to it's partners is only just beginning. As the digital industry evolves, so do the DOOH screens.

iHELP DOOH - future
iHELP DOOH - future

What can we expect in the future?

Digital Out-of-Home

  • Even more connectedness
  • More data for planning and analysis
  • More integration with multi screen messaging

What do we offer?

Digital Out-of-Home

  • Safety Point oudoor LCD screen
  • Bigger safety for the locals and tourists
  • Defibrillator (AED)
  • Smart City (Big Data)
  • Info Point: 18.5" LCD Touchscreen
  • Double sided 75" LCD screen (4K)
  • Health and security promotion
  • Advertising and promotion of the city
  • Education
  • iHELP SOS mobile app

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